Venus march 11 astrology

This is a power day, with Sun in imaginative Pisces in sextile to intense Pluto and square expansive Jupiter. Moon in busy Gemini connects with Venus and Neptune, planets of personal and spiritual love. We can channel these energies by: scheduling a meeting with someone influential, starting to consult a coach or therapist, presenting an idea or proposal with Mercury in shadow, present it again , pushing through resistance to follow up on important communications or documents, relaunching a promotion, or making an activist move or statement.

Mars in Sign

Devotional activities and connections with light beings are also quite effective. Affirmation: I am agent of universal good, and I move in that certainty now. Use it to move on something related to business, health, finances or success.

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Capacity to use every opportunity, even in the hardest environments, for self-recreation or relaxation. We can make a pause to find joy—or enjoyment—in the midst of our challenges. Remember to leave important actions and purchases for after pm ET , when Moon enters Cancer. However, this combination is quite intuitive, and we can use it well to retouch a promotion, connect with clients, in prayer, consulting a medium, oracle or angel, or praying for ourselves and others. Affirmation this is particularly powerful if done before going to bed, while envisioning your Guardian Angel embracing you with its wings or your guides floating above you : I call on my guides to show me what I need to know for my healing now.

This is another sensitive day, with Moon in receptive Cancer in trine to mystical Neptune, and Mercury in psychic Pisces square Jupiter, planet of angels. Daytime is great for re-launching a promotion, creating a dream board to visualize intentions, and communication with others for work, altruism or creative endeavors. Affirmation: We are not exposed to any harmful influence, the Divine Guardian watches over us now and always. It also facilitates using words for healing conversations, writing, therapy, mantras and affirmations , as well as psychic consultations although with Pluto in the picture, handle with care.

Play solitaire, work on an independent creative activity, do crossword puzzles, or write in your journal. Affirmation: Archangel Chamuel, please fill my connections with your rays of harmony and love now. According to Nigel Pennick in The Pagan Book of Days , this was originally the day of Trefuilngid Tre-Eochair, a divinity who was later Christianized note how the early name includes the word tree. We can honor these and all the spirits of Spring by planting a tree, hugging trees, praying for them, and taking part in activist measures to support one or many of our green friends. An evening sextile from Mercury to Mars gives force to our communications.

Promote a product or cause, tackle editing, or insist on a connection you tried making before. Affirmation: The forests of the world are not alone or without protection, the Divine Guardian watches over them, shielding them, caring for them and moving in whatever way is necessary to protect them and help them now. If you can, take a break for fun. Moon in playful Leo makes undiplomatic aspects this morning, before making a trine to Jupiter at am ET , and going VOC for most of the day. A spring ritual, an informal brunch party, a matinee, enjoying romance or friendship—any or all!

March 1–31, 12222

Do all or any in a spirit of relaxation and without much concern for the outcome. Study, design or retouch a strategy, edit copy or another key text. Do something that requires speedy thought or haste. Affirmation: In the One Mind, all thoughts are already formed, and perfect thoughts flow to me and through me, now and always.

If we are in harmony and think things through, this aspect can lead to breakthrough results from a bold step we take. This is a perfect moment to solidify a proposal or seek out someone in a position to make a difference. In Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, this annual quarter was associated with the New Year, a time when the goddess would symbolically conceive the solar child to be born at the next Winter Solstice. The ancient Mexica did a ritual to bless the young corn; and they would also review personal progress on intentions seeded at the previous Winter Solstice.

With the Moon VOC, the portal is best applied in subtle ways: praying for the planet, meditating on your progress since last Winter Solstice, connecting with plant spirits.

What is a Venus Sign?

We can get back in gear when Moon enters Libra at pm ET. She becomes full just 15 minutes later. Although the Full Moon is usually a time of culmination, this is the Seed Moon, associated with new life and beginnings.

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Her energy is great for gardening and for anything related to personal growth. Things we start now can have long-reaching effects.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

The symbolic death that is an initiation into spiritual reality and wisdom. Sudden awakening, coming for inner light. Sun joins wounded healer Chiron. This active, intense portal calls for sobriety. Look at what bothers you, see what you may be projecting onto others, assume your shadows, and commit to multiplied efforts in work and healing.

Act on them tonight. Affirmation: I bless the plants of Spring, and ask them to imbue me with their spirit of growth now. The excitement continues as Venus in Aquarius makes a fixed, wee-hour square to Mars in Taurus. Contacts can generate tension, although a morning sextile from charming Venus to Jupiter, planet of angels and promotion, favors promotion, altruism, business, and connecting with angels.


Still, group and internet activities tend to flow more smoothly than one-on-one. With Mars making an afternoon quincunx to Jupiter, avoid coming on too strong. Affirmation: Angels of connection, please guide to maintain a high wavelength in my relationships now. Tense aspects and a long VOC make today best for inner, creative work and healing. After that, cultivate love for your body, your space and yourself, and enjoy the healing power of beauty. Moon finally gets back on course at pm ET , when she enters Scorpio and makes an opposition to Uranus the rebel.

Enjoy an action film at home, do crossword puzzles, and write to your representative. Affirmation: I enjoy beauty, and its energy lifts my vibration now. Moon in Scorpio favors inner work and enjoying nature, a deep talk or passionate encounter. Avoid superficial gatherings. Meditation and forgiveness will help us avoid the potentially aggressive outbursts of Scorpio Moon.

Affirmation: I release myself and others from judgment, and radiate love to all now. Do it by midday early afternoon ET ; Moon opposes co-ruler Mars this afternoon, best applied in downtime, journaling, enjoying nature or taking a hot bath. I write books and essays, teach astrology, and talk to people about their lives.

Donations gratefully accepted. Cusps and Signs Part of the problem is the term cusp. Signs, degrees, and house cusps Think of the chart wheel as a big ribbon with all degrees of the zodiac lining the inside like dots on wallpaper. Using house cusps Some astrologers feel that when a planet falls within a certain number of degrees of a house cusp, it makes its presence felt in both the houses that flank that cusp. The rest of the house cusps are a convenient fiction that give astrologers something to fight about over drinks.

They express themselves in a more indirect and subtle way, using the sign on the cusp as a PR agent. Planets close to a house cusp may be interpreted as being in either or both houses. Questions about cusps or interceptions? No tags.


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The part of our chart that Jupiter is transiting through will receive the blessing of magnification. Jupiter encourages our faith, growth, and resilience by focusing on the bright-side. Jupiter is excited by possibilities, never wanting […]. As Venus and Jupiter meet up to bless the part of our chart that contains the last few degrees of […].

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